About DailyKenn.com

[Click here for list of 'blacks with brains' that racist white liberals love to hate!]

Prepare to be deprogrammed.

What if someone were to publish a news site that was wholly committed to ignoring political correctness in both reporting and commentary?

That was the driving motive that compelled me to publish DailyKenn.com

Most noticeable is my refusal to capitulate to leftist pressure when delving into racial issues. Specifically the site is committed to bald-faced honesty regarding the issues of immigration, black crime and violence, cultural Marxism's agenda to destroy Western culture, and multicultural realism.

So shoot me. Just don't call me a racist because I am, in fact, a belligerent anti-racist.

I believe it is both immoral and idiotic to dislike individuals because of their ethnic heritage. I also believe it both immoral and idiotic to hide my head in the sands of political correctness and ignore the realities of black crime, immigration, and the destruction of Western culture.

Appeasing cultural Marxism is simply not on my agenda.

The core doctine of Marxism is 'sameness' and is often expressed as 'equality.' Marxism holds that all ethnic groups are the same. All apparent disparities -- such economic disparities or incarceration rate disparities -- are attributed to unfairness. Who is unfair? Obviously, the ethnic group that excells economically, has the lowest incarceration rate, etc. Hence we are confronted with Affirmative Action, the Unfair Campaign, the White prvilege concept, and so on.

Any suggestion that contradicts this cardinal doctrine of Marxism is considered anathema and the person or group making that suggestion is slimed as an infidel (expressed as "racist"), and will suffer consequences that range from stigmatization to loss of employment. Those who sing along with the cultural Marxist choir are rewarded with inclusion and feeling warm and fuzzy.

DailyKenn.com is not interested in feeling included. My interest is in telling the truth. Warm and fuzzy be damned.

So here you have it. A conservative news site with a libertarian bent that refuses to be intimidated by sophomoric name calling.

-- Kenn